Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How to Make Jewelry With Newspapers and Paper

Get a very simple step-by-step tutorial for making Newspaper Jewelry. Just follow the instructions below. Here we go;

Step 1

Instructions: Take a sheet of newspaper that is relatively print-free (you may also want to try paper bags) and using the carbon paper, transfer a design of your choice to the newspaper. You may also free hand draw the design if you'd like. Set aside.

Step 2

Spread a layer of glue onto a single sheet of newspaper. Lay a second sheet of newspaper on top and smooth in place. Cover this sheet of newspaper with glue and lay a third sheet on top of it. Cover this sheet with glue and place on top of it the sheet of newspaper on which you have drawn your pattern, pattern side up. Smooth in place.

Step 3

While the glue is still damp and setting up, cut out the pattern. Shape the cutout piece. Use the tip of a spoon or a table knife to press in outlines. To shape, curve around with pencil.

Step 4

To attach pin backs, apply glue to the pin back and put in place on back of the pieces. Cut a small strip of newspaper and glue it over the pin back for support. For necklaces, make a pin hole for the jump ring. Let the glue dry completely, preferably overnight. Give the entire piece an undercoat of white paint. This helps the overcoat colors to be brighter. Then paint in with desired colors. Add details with markers. Let dry. As a final step, use either spray varnish or brush-type glaze for finish. Enjoy!

Article source :http://www.ehow.com

Sunday, November 9, 2008

How to Make Beautiful Jewelry : Hammering A Piece Of Hand Made Jewelry: Part 2

Video source : Youtube.com

How to Make Beautiful Jewelry : Hammering A Piece of Hand Made Jewelry Part 1

Video source : Youtube.com

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